Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Andie Case - Want To Want Me Mashup | The Midweek Cover

Hello Lovelies! Back into the swing of things with my favourite little series on this blog: the midweed cover. This week, the amazing Andie Case. I've been so, so excited to share this with you guys, I've been absolutely in love with this lady for a while now, and it was actually a bit of a hard decision to choose which of her covers to post, but I finally settled on this Want To Want Me/I Want You To Want Me mashup.

This is the ultimate chilled out, feel good song for the summer afternoons. Andie's voice is absolutely addictive, whenever this song pops up on Spotify I instantly click repeat and listen to it on a constant loop for the next week couple of hours (is it just me who does this?!). Definitely one to play during a nice afternoon in the sun.

Much love, Maxine xo
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